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Note from Jaclyn Sharp, Imposter’s Founder

Animals are my life. Nothing has taught me as much about love, compassion, devotion, or just how far one can fall only to find the joys of life again. They can let go of the past, and learn to live and trust again.

Imposter’s story is not one of fashion or luxury; Imposter’s story begins with an abused, frightened, forgotten Thoroughbred x-racehorse. His name is Draco, and he is the first horse I ever rescued. I found him at an auction, cowering in the corner of a stall. He was 400lbs underweight and had been badly abused. Draco was terrified of people and had numerous wounds and sections of his coat and tail missing. I had never seen a horse in his condition. Though I was not looking for another horse, I couldn’t leave him at the auction, where certain bidders would be mean a death sentence: a slaughterhouse for horsemeat overseas. I bought the scared abused horse that day and took him to a farm in Connecticut. My life also changed that day.

Though I had been riding for 20 years at the time, my background was show-jumping and I had never worked with abused horses. Draco’s condition was something I had never seen in person. I don’t know why I felt that I could help him, but somehow I knew I could. Certain professionals did not agree with me, and I was advised on a number of occasions to get rid of him. I was under no illusions about the abuse Draco had suffered. He would have been dangerous for most advanced riders because of his fear, but there was something special about our connection from the beginning. I knew he would be ok.

After one year of patience, consistency, respect, and trust, Draco was unrecognizable as the same horse. After five years, I would confidently put a child on him. Draco is safe, trusting, incredibly friendly, and is currently residing on a beautiful small farm in Connecticut. I still ride him a few times a week, as time and weather permits. There will always be memories of the abuse (and I am still careful with certain areas on his face), but Draco is more than simply ok now. He is the most talented, athletic, joyful horse I have ever worked with. He has inspired everything I am doing in my life.

Draco has a perfect white star at the center of his forehead. The diamond at the center of the IM Imposter symbol is in his honor. The symbol itself mirrors the stride of a prancing horse.

Draco and Friends Gallery

Draco rolling in the snow

Draco Snow Video

Draco rearing in the snow

Draco Snow Video

Draco jumping in the snow

Draco Snow Video
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