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Imposter falls into what is now being called the fourth sector or a for-benefit corporation, a hybrid between the for-profit and not profit sectors. For-benefit corporations are companies “driven by both social purpose and financial promise that fall somewhere between traditional companies and charities. The term ‘fourth sector’ derives from the fact that participants are creating hybrid organizations distinct from those operating in the government, business and nonprofit sectors.*

Saving animals is Imposter’s inspiration and brand identity – to the core. The lives of countless animals will be saved on both sides of the initiative. Each garment bearing an IM logo has an exponential impact on the industry. Animal lives are saved through the choice of faux fur rather than real. If faux Chinchilla, more then 200 animal lives could be spared by one coat alone. In addition, Imposter’s support for animal charities such as the Humane Society of the United States, touches the lives of many more animals. The virtuous circle is self-sustaining and perpetuating. Each day a garment with the IM logo is worn, countless animals are protected. Awareness and strength of the symbol increases with each person that passes. Demand will not simply cause average growth for animal friendly fashion. On the contrary, it will unleash a movement along a ninety degree ice-covered slope, that could forever change the power of enterprise.

Protection and love of the natural world is the fuel behind Imposter’s virtuous circle. It is only fitting that animals inspire and initiate the evolution of the fur industry, causing the vary movement that will eventually save them.

Source: Stephanie Strom, “Businesses Try to Make Money and Save the World,” New York Times, May 2007

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