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Imposter is an animal friendly initiative with one mission: to save animals by harnessing the power of enterprise. When you see the IM symbol, trust in two things:

  1. That no animal life was taken for the product to exist.
  2. That animals were protected with each Imposter-branded product.

We believe that animals deserve a share of all products they have inspired. The natural world cannot hold a trademark on the beauty & miracles that we see every day: patterns, textures, colors, or above all: the beauty of animals. Many companies copy and showcase the most beautiful of nature’s inventions, often taking everything including breath and life. Animals cannot hold a trademark on products that have copied them or exploited a person’s love for them, but we can on their behalf. Introducing the universal symbol for animal friendly products & the virtuous circle that supports and protects animals through products they have inspired.

Customer Support and Help We are always here to help you! We pride ourselves on our service, and do all we can to make ordering from us convenient, easy, and enjoyable. If you have any questions, please feel free to use any of the methods listed on our Help Page to contact us.
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